a service of Spectrum Networks

Studio location:
612 W. Green St.

519 W. State St.
Ithaca, NY 14850 

Hours of Operation:
Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30-9:30pm
Wednesdays, 1:00 - 5:00 pm
Program drop-off also available at 519 W. State St. Spectrum cable store during the day.

Check out the winners of the 2018 PEGASYS Awards!
Look at the PEGASYS Awards tab to learn more.​​


Access Oversight Committee Meeting
Tuesday, July 10, 5:00pm at PEGASYS
Public Relations Sub-Committee
Tuesday, August 7, ​​5:00pm at PEGASYS
Full AOC meeting​
​ AOC meetings are all open to the public.


Three PEG channels
Channel 13, public access
Channel 15, governmental access
Channel 16, educational access

A Video Production Center
- 2 video studios
- digital field camcorders, including GoPro's
- Adobe Premiere editing

Community Bulletin Board
PEGASYS plays event announcements on channel 13 between programs.
We would be happy to include your non-profit organization's events. You can submit press releases to us by email [see below]. You may submit text messages and image files. 
You may also submit prepared Powerpoint or Photoshop jpg slides.


Live Call-in:

Lauren Stefanelli
Access Coordinator


"Ithaca in Jeoparody"
​An Ithaca, NY themed parody of the popular game show. Mayor Svante Myrick, Superintendent of ICSD, Dr. Luvelle Brown, and Mighty Mickie Quinn go head to head in a battle of wits about all things Ithaca.